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When Praise Becomes My Purpose is a Christian interaction stage play written/produced by Patricia Wade Goings based in Ridgeland South Carolina.  WPBMP is a live, multi-act live theatrical experience play showcasing Christian themes and philosophies. Each character presents a mesmerizing storyline with a lasting impact.  The highlights of the play include the main character "Connie", who overcomes a dysfunctional past relationship. She by nature is humorous and loves to entertain people. Connie believes someone is playing a joke on her. 

To her amazement, it's the  Holy Spirit sending her a warning. 

Warnings, Hurt, Pain, Shame, and  Restoration all contribute to the dynamics of this

Christian Stage Production When Praise Becomes My Purpose

The cast of this Christian stage production brings together a vibrant mix of seasoned

veterans and exciting newcomers 

Praise  copy_edited.jpg
Praise  copy_edited.jpg

Patricia Wade- Goings


Eric Goodwin
Plae Eric

Dwight Cummings
Special Production Associate

Sheila Ackridge
Minister Of Dance

Marcel Warren
Cast Member
" Holy Spirit" AND  "Detective"


Kayla Beaton
Cast Member "Zephinaiah"

Bam Robinson
Cast Member  "Tony"

Marilyn Fields
Cast Member " Lois"

Jessica Daniels
Cast Member "Wanda"

   Lakeshia Fuller
Cast Member "Connie"

Janet -Pic.JPG

Janet White
Cast Member " Lady MIddlesaw"

Renee Pic.JPG

Renee White
Cast Member "Sadie"

Casting for
Upcoming Show 

Casting Call Poster - .jpg
Talent Show Flyer - Made with PosterMyWa
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